Series: MONSTERS (Message #1)

We live in a world filled with evil and pain and many scary things. It doesn’t take much effort to find monsters living among us. But what’s worse than monsters living among us is the fact that there are monsters living inside us. There are things that lurk just below the surface of our lives. We all have them. Things like: Unbridled Wrath, Envy, Lust, and Fear. And when these things are left unchecked, they have the potential to derail us from God’s best and lead us into dark and destructive places. But through this series, I hope you are able to discover just how the gospel of Christ empowers you to confront and conquer the monsters that haunt us.

Series: FAITH FORWARD (Message #8)

In this final section of the book of James, we are reminded that we are a community—a community of faith! As such, we must never live out our faith in isolation. Rather, we are to care for one another. And so, James calls us to STEP IT UP when it comes to our practice of praying for and trusting God for the needs of others.

Series: FAITH FORWARD (Message #7)

In today's passage, James addresses the way too many of us live our lives - professing a faith in God, but demonstrating a self-reliance that almost deny's His very existence. This kind of living reflects what some have called "practical atheism".

Series: FAITH FORWARD (Message #6)

More often than we would like to admit, we face struggles, issues, and quarrels within our lives. Sometimes they are found within the relationships we have at home or work, but at times that can even be found within our relationships in the church.

Series: Faith Forward (Message #5)

The Bible tells us there is incredible force behind the words we use. In one breath we have the power to both build people up or tear them down. We posses the power to bless or to curse, to strengthen or weaken, to proclaim life or pronounce death, to honor God or to deny Him.

Series: FAITH FORWARD (Message #3)

Series: FAITH FORWARD (Message #2)

When we fail to persevere through life’s trials — we often fall into temptation and reject God for temporal forms of satisfaction and self indulgence. However, we don’t have to be victims of our circumstances. We don’t have to give in or give up. The Bible tells us that when we acknowledge our temptations and face them in God’s strength, we can overcome!

A Special Worship time featuring "Commandment 11", recorded August 05, 2018.